Sapio Smart Healthcare, a division of the Indian government advisory firm Sapio Analytics, has developed a chatbot that helps patients from rural and remote areas of India.

Based on a press release, the AKS Sapio Med Bot was designed to understand the “local and personal” problems of the patient, helping them find treatment before seeking medical advice.

The chatbot is named after the late Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava, a surgeon in the Sahibganj and Pakur tribal areas of the eastern state of Jharkhand, who demonstrated “empathetic medical care.”

The company claims that the chatbot was created to follow Dr. Srivastava’s style of care after a large-scale assessment of his thinking, behavior and personality.


Sapio Analytics aims to create a comprehensive and affordable healthcare system in small towns and villages across India. Part of his strategy is to help with empathy.

“Our analysis shows that a compassionate understanding of people is important for successful health care in rural India,” said Hardik Somani, director of Sapio Analytics.

Empathetic medical care, the company notes, is not just a manifestation of the clinician’s compassion; it also provides individual knowledge and relevant recommendations to patients. Among others, the physician must recognize the patient’s beliefs and socioeconomic situation in order to offer them the right health recommendations.


The use of chatbots helps health care to perform specific tasks, identify social needs and prevent changes in behavior. Recently, it has become widespread selection tool to provide verified information about COVID-19.

In May, Sapio Analytics and government officials launched A smart chatbot SUTRA that helps COVID-19 patients find neighboring proven plasma donors and medical centers. The chatbot was created for people from small towns in India and those who do not have access to digital platforms and networks.


“Working with remote areas in Maharashtra, our partners have realized that building a world-class hospital is not enough because, despite [the] creating a smart hospital in the area, patients did not visit the same. Then we realized that reasonableness lies not only in modern technology, but also in the understanding of citizens that they should serve, give meaning to their local customs and beliefs, and interact with them as their own. This was made possible by the use of AI and domain knowledge from legends, “Somani said.

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